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Expand Marketplace to EU#5


I’ve been using Gener8 for a few years now, almost exclusively, I’ve colleted several hundred points for the marketplace I’m unable to redeem.
I really like the browser and I really like the concept of being awarded for the data I provide to advertisement purposes, but that’s also where it ‘stings’ for me. I’m Norwegian, I can’t access any of the rewards or discounts.
I don’t know why there’s an UK restriction, maybe a licensing deal with brands? But in any case it shouldn’t be difficult to expand the distribution of discount codes with the bigger brands, like Addidas, to include all of Europe and possibly more.

3 months ago
Changed the status to
3 months ago

Hi Glenn, we totally understand the frustration with having all those points burning a hole in your pocket. We’re super eager to rollout all the benefits our UK users have to more countries. Today we don’t have any immediate plans to rollout to more countries but we’ll be sure to let the community know when we’re planning to branch out. We appreciate you sticking with us in the meantime!

2 months ago

Any news on this? Or make the UK rewards available to purchase even though you’re not from the UK. I could always buy some things at amazon UK and get them delivered in Europe

23 days ago

Gener8 is a good solution, but it is also useless if you do not live in the UK. Please make it happen and provide some rewards to the EU…


23 days ago

Yeah it’s going to eventaully get useless for everyone else except UK residents.

18 days ago