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Daily/Weekly/Monthly Rewards#27


I think in order to get people to be enagaged with gener8 is to have daily/weekly and monthly rewards.

The rewards could include:
Search this amount of times a day/week or month to get a reward such as 1 point
Look at upcoming things such as events or the news to earn this amount such as 1 point
Doing questionaires about any genre like music questionaire and get a reward
Active rewards for being on the site for a day or a week or a month like 0.05 points for daily 0.25 for being active for 7 days and 0.5 for being active for 1 month and so on

I think these would be good things so more users are active with gener8 as a brand

a month ago

Hi Adam, this is great feedback - thanks a lot. We’ll be announcing big improvements to Gener8 soon so please stay tuned to see how we’ve been working on making the experience more engaging. I love the idea of tying rewards to new actions throughout the product!

22 days ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
22 days ago